Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is a common dental procedure designed to prevent or alleviate problems caused by the eruption of wisdom teeth. At Dentist of Siouxland, our skilled dental team offers safe, effective wisdom teeth extraction services using the latest techniques to ensure your comfort and speedy recovery.

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last teeth to develop. Sometimes, they emerge from the gum line, and the jaw is large enough to allow room for them, but more often, they fail to emerge in proper alignment or don’t fully emerge, which can cause pain, infection, and other dental problems. Removing wisdom teeth can help to prevent these issues, especially when they are impacted or partially erupted.

We offer wisdom teeth removal in Sioux City, Iowa, and Elk Point, South Dakota. Use the online link below to schedule an appointment at either location.

Illustration of teeth in a mouth showing an impacted wisdom tooth that needs removed
  • How do I know if my wisdom teeth need removed?

    While every patient is different, there are some common signs that indicate the need to have your wisdom teeth removed. These signs include:

    • Impaction occurs when a tooth is stuck under the gums or completely hidden. If wisdom teeth aren’t able to emerge normally, they can become trapped within the jaw, which can result in infection or cause a cyst that can damage other teeth or roots.
    • Changing bite alignment—wisdom teeth can grow at various angles in the jaw, sometimes horizontally, and this can cause a change in your bite alignment.
    • Crowding or damage to existing teeth caused by wisdom teeth not having enough room to come in properly.
    • Emerging only partially—if your wisdom teeth only partially emerge through the gums, it can cause a magnet for bacteria that can cause gum disease and oral infection.

    Many dentists recommend removing wisdom teeth at an early age before the roots and bone are fully formed and when recovery is faster.

  • How do I relieve wisdom tooth pain?

    Typically, wisdom teeth emerge between the ages of 17 and 25. As they grow through your jawbone and start to break through your gum line, they may become inflamed or cause bleeding. These issues can lead to headaches or tooth pain. Here are some remedies to alleviate wisdom tooth pain:

    1. Rinse with saltwater
    2. Use peppermint essential oils or clover oil to soothe pain
    3. Take aspirin or an over the counter pain reliever
    4. Apply an ice pack or heating pad to your cheeks
  • What is an impacted wisdom tooth?

    When a wisdom tooth doesn’t have enough room to come in normally, it is considered an impacted wisdom tooth. There are several degrees of impacted wisdom teeth depending on where the teeth lie within the jaw.

    Soft tissue impaction occurs when the tooth’s crown has penetrated through the bone, but the gum is still covering part of the tooth.

    Partially bony impaction happens when the tooth has partially erupted, but a part of the tooth remains submerged in the jawbone.

    Complete bony impaction occurs when the tooth is entirely encased by the jawbone.

Compassionate Care for Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

At Dentist of Siouxland, we understand that the idea of surgery can be daunting. That’s why we prioritize patient education and comfort throughout your wisdom teeth removal process. Our team is here to answer any questions and provide the support you need every step of the way.

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