Tooth Extractions

We understand that the thought of a tooth extraction can be daunting. Our experienced dental team is committed to providing a safe, gentle, and compassionate approach to dental care, ensuring your comfort throughout the process.

Tooth Extractions in
Sioux City, IA and Elk Point, SD

Tooth extractions are sometimes necessary to resolve dental issues and improve oral health. Common reasons for extractions include:

  • Severe Decay: When a tooth is severely decayed and cannot be restored.
  • Infection Risk: To prevent the spread of infection from a compromised tooth to other parts of the mouth.
  • Orthodontic Correction: Remove teeth to prepare for orthodontic treatment, which requires additional space in the mouth.
  • Impacted Teeth: Wisdom teeth that are not properly erupted can cause pain, swelling, and future dental issues.
  • Periodontal Disease: Advanced gum disease may require a tooth to be extracted so it does not affect the surrounding bone and tissues.

Our Extraction Process

Every extraction begins with a thorough consultation. We use the latest diagnostic tools to evaluate your tooth and plan the safest method of extraction.

The Procedure

  1. Local Anesthesia: We numb the area around the tooth to ensure you feel no pain during the procedure.
  2. Extraction: Using precise instruments, the tooth is gently removed. Techniques vary depending on the tooth’s size, location, and the complexity of the situation.
  3. Post-Extraction Care: Immediate aftercare involves gauze to control bleeding and promote clotting. We will provide detailed care instructions to follow at home.
Illustration of a tooth being extracted with dental forceps
  • How much does tooth extraction cost?

    Our goal is to deliver high-quality dental care that remains affordable for our valued patients in Sioux City, IA, and Elk Point, SD. The cost of tooth extraction may vary depending on whether it is a simple extraction or a surgical extraction. The out-of-pocket expenses for any procedure depends upon your insurance coverage at the time of the treatment. We strive to provide transparent information about costs and work with you to find the best possible financial solution for your dental needs.

    • Tooth Extractions: $167-$342
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  • How do I prevent dry socket after a tooth extraction?

    When you have a tooth extracted, a blood clot develops shortly after the surgery, which is your body beginning the healing process. If this blood clot becomes dislodged before your mouth has fully healed it can cause pain, this is called dry socket.

    Six tips for avoiding dry socket are:

    1. Avoid straws or anything that creates a suction or large movement of air.
    2. Avoid smoking tobacco as the fast inhalation can dislodge your blood clot and the chemicals may prevent healing or cause an infection.
    3. Eat soft foods only like applesauce, yogurt and mashed potatoes for the first one or two days.
    4. Inquire about any medicines you’re taking to ensure they don’t interact with the healing process.
    5. Use proper oral hygiene to keep your mouth clean and consider an antibacterial mouthwash.
    6. Follow your doctor’s instructions on proper oral care to improve recovery time.
  • When and why are wisdom teeth removed?

    Wisdom teeth are the very last teeth to develop, and they grow in the very back of the mouth. In most cases, you will start to feel these teeth emerge when you are in your late teens or early twenties. Almost everyone has these teeth removed since they tend to grow at a severely slanted angle and will likely bump into other teeth and cause crowding. There is also very little space available for these teeth. Ultimately, about 85% of adults end up having their wisdom teeth removed.

    Learn More About Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • What causes the need for tooth extraction?

    Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone. Teeth extraction usually occurs when a tooth has been broken or damaged by decay and there is too much damage for the tooth to be repaired by a filling or crown.

    However, there are other reason for tooth extraction including, extra teeth growing in that are blocking others, baby teeth that haven’t fallen out in time for the permanent teeth to come in, braces, wisdom teeth that are commonly removed or medical reasons.

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