Meet Dr. Burhoop

Dr. Burhoop has been part of the Sioux City community since 1996. When he isn't in the office he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, especially doing anything outdoors.

The Professional Side

It is fulfilling to perform such a necessary service for my patients, and to do so in a comfortable and even relaxing fashion. I love it when new patients look up at me at the end of their visit and tell me how surprisingly easy it was! I enjoy the personal relationships that have evolved from serving patients since 1994, and I look forward to meeting you and your family.

Prior to becoming a dentist, I earned my Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Creighton Dental School in 1994. Since then, I have continued my education through professional courses, seminars, and study groups. I take my continuing education very seriously because it keeps me on the cutting edge of the latest advances, materials, and techniques in the ever-changing dental field. My studies also renew my passion for great dentistry, and I am always looking for proven technology to implement into our practice, ensuring my patients always receive the best care available.

In The Practice

I am here for my patients. Being a dentist means serving the people and families in our community, helping them attain and retain healthy, beautiful smiles for life. When a patient has an emergency situation, I am happy to be there for them and relieve pain or discomfort. If a patient comes in wanting a brighter smile, I enjoy helping them attain that. The looks and comments of gratitude I receive from the community make me realize how essential it is to treat everyone with the level of respect and compassion that they deserve.

My team and I take our jobs incredibly seriously, but we also love having fun! After all, dentistry is all about smiles, and we want each patient to realize that our office is a great place to be. My team and I have been working together for many years, and we enjoy building a practice where anyone can feel at home. We serve a wide range of patients from all different backgrounds, and we want everyone to feel welcome and appreciated here.

Dr. Burhoop, Dentist of Siouxland

The Personal Side

I grew up in York, Nebraska, and have been a part of the Sioux City community since 1996. My lovely wife, Julie, and I have two daughters named Abigail and Isabella. When I am not in the office, I enjoy doing anything outdoors, especially boating, water skiing or scuba diving. Of course, I always love spending time with my wonderful family!

While in dental school, I had the unique privilege of serving three months in the Dominican Republic, providing dental care to the underserved in a remote village. In 2002, I also participated in a medical/dental mission trip on the Amazon River in Brazil, traveling by boat to remote places and giving dental care. In the winter of 2018, I served others in Phoenix, Arizona, placing implants on veterans and others who could not have otherwise afforded it.

In September of 2018, I was awarded Fellowship and Diplomate status with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI). That achievement was earned through education, research, and actual clinical experience and is the highest honor that can be given to a dental professional involved in oral implantology.

I am also active in our community. I am a member of Sunnybrook Community Church and the Sioux City Dental Association, and volunteer with the McCook Lake Association as a board member.

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